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HOWTO: Merging Exchange 2007 Mailboxes with a Recovery Storage Group

Exchange 2007 allows you to merge mailboxes from your Recovery Storage group to your online storage group via the Disaster recovery toolbox within Exchange.

Performing a merge from your Recovery storage group.

  1. If haven't already mounted your restored data to the recovery storage group you can do so by following our article here. Otherwise launch the Exchange Disaster Recovery Toolbox via Exchange Management Console > Toolbox > Database Recovery Management
  2. With the RSG mounted and return to the menu of the DRT and click Merge or copy mailbox contents.
    Exchange Mailbox Merge from a Recovery Storage Group
  3. Ensure that the correct mailbox is present in the recovery storage group selection then click Gather merge information.
  4. Double check the merge details then click Perform pre-merge tasks.
  5. Select the mailboxes you wish to merge and then choose Perform merge actions.
  6. You will be presented with the merge results; check that all tasks were successful and then click Go back to task centre.

Don't forget to remove the Recovery storage group after you have finished with it. This can be done via the Remove the recovery storage group option from within the disaster recovery toolbox.