"Image to Z:" Report Backup to: Local hard drive
Date: Friday, 28 November 2008 10:13:05 PM
  "Image to Z:" Successful
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BackupAssist Version5.1.0t5
Computer NameDEV-SBS2008
Backup UserSBS2008\BackupAssist
Backup DestinationLocal hard drive
Backup LabelFriday
Start TimeFriday, 28 November 2008 10:05:20 PM
End TimeFriday, 28 November 2008 10:13:05 PM
Duration7 minutes, 44 seconds
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Destination Check
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Media Usage
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The Destination Check task has status: Successful
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The Drive Image task has status: Successful
Image Log
Retrieving volume information...

This would backup volume Local Disk(C:) to Z:.

Backup to Z: is starting.

Creating the shadow copy of volumes requested for backup.
Backup completed successfully.

Summary of backup:
Backup of volume Local Disk(C:) completed successfully.
   Media Usage Report
Data usage for HDD - Z:

This BackupPrevious BackupsOther DataFree Space
19GB< 10MB12.4GB17.4GB

Total Capacity 48.8GB↓
Data Used 31.4GB (64.3%)

Backup versions residing on HDD - Z:

24/11/2008 10:24 PM
25/11/2008 10:05 PM
26/11/2008 10:05 PM
27/11/2008 10:05 PM
28/11/2008 11:21 AM
28/11/2008 9:13 PM
28/11/2008 10:05 PM